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Cretan hospitality is renowned for its warmth, courtesy, and the welcoming nature of its people, a tradition passed down through generations. Building on this legacy, we have created Flos Luxury Apartments. A complex of luxurious apartments designed to cater to the needs of travelers, enabling them to experience and savor the magic of the place.

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Our aim at Flos Luxury Apartments is to provide every guest with the ultimate relaxation and tranquility, in a space equipped with all amenities to ensure comfort and well-being, allowing them to truly enjoy their stay.

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A place where you will encounter the comfort of your home, in harmony with the luxury and well-being provided by the decoration and the philosophy of Cretan Hospitality here at Flos Luxury Apartments. Every moment of your stay is precious to us, so we have ensured that your holidays will be unforgettable!”

Hibiscus is a Greek word, and this name was originally given to the plant Althaea by Dioscorides. It’s a well-known plant for its beautiful, striking flowers, which often have vibrant colors.
It symbolizes delicate beauty, eternal love, wealth, purity, elegance, life, and courage.
Lilium, known for its beautiful, large, fragrant flowers, is used in aromatic oils and cosmetic products. It has 5 large petals in a cone shape and comes in various vibrant colors.
It symbolizes grandeur, elegance, splendor, immortality, rebirth, peace, self-control, femininity, fertility, and abundance.

Peonia are among the most beloved flower in the world, a genus of exceptionally beautiful wildflower. Rarer and especially beautiful are the Klousio Paeonia (Paeonia clusi), which also grow in Crete and are locally known as “pigounia.” Paeonia are one of the most prosperous flower and symbolize love, prosperity, beauty, romance, desire, and passion.

High standards of hospitality

We strive to provide our guests with luxury, comfort & tailor-made service.

"The complex is in the best location. The rooms are not just clean; you feel embarrassed to enter. The people are wonderful, and it's truly worth experiencing. We will definitely come back."
Grazyna N
Poland Poland
"Pleasant hospitality, incredible rooms, wonderful staff, and we had everything close to us. I think it's the best choice for someone visiting Crete."
Ελένη Μ
Cyprus Cyprus
"Everything was wonderful... Friendly staff, helpful in everything, making our stay an unforgettable experience for us. The only certainty is that we will visit it again soon."
Joseph Hart
Norway Norway
"The rooms are luxurious, modern, with wonderful decoration. The staff is very pleasant and willing to assist us with anything we needed. Thank you very much for everything."
Ειρήνη Π
Greece Greece
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Discover Cretan Culture

In Crete, Cretan hospitality is not just a tradition. It is an authentic way of life that reflects our rich culture. Each act of hospitality is an expression of our love for our guests and an opportunity to share our heritage with the rest of the world. Here, hospitality is not merely an obligation; it is a necessity that mirrors our deep empathy.

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